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Spinal Engineering Services Limited is a multi-disciplinary company that provides superior construction and engineering services from pre-design
stage to utilization stage, serving both the private and public sector across Nigeria with head office in Abuja.

spinal engineering brings a brilliant and innovative approach of construction & engineering solutions, which support a model competitive organization or serious institutions.

Construction industry is increasingly looking for complete business partner for solutions to its projects, which might not just be equipment, but a reliable man- power and this is where spinal engineering come in focus. Our team are distinguished by their functional expertise, combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most
effective and professional service.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to deliver quality product and services for our clients, with a highly skilled professional team that are working together through innovation, partnership and leadership in order to create value, and ensure the sustainability of the environment we work.


To be a responsible construction company that add value to the Nigeria economy.


Our Assets

Unlike most construction firms in the country, Spinal Engineering Services Ltd possesses operation experience in construction activities at the top management level.

So also, we at Spinal Engineering Services are continually expending our knowledge and research in construction to assist clients with solutions to their challenging project problems in today’s dynamic world. Our team of Architect, Builder, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Environmentalist and Cost Managers are versed in all aspects of construction services. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effective and improved services delivery.

This is why our clients continue to recommend us to other prospective clients around the country, which we can therefore say that: functional, reliable and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Spinal Engineering the ideal choice.

Business Concept

Technical and Management partner to government and private institutions globally.

Maximization of available technology in operations.

Exploring latest technologies in safety, security and the environment.

Expertise & Trades

1. Architectural Services. 
2. Contaminated Soil Removal.
3. Construction Logistic Services. 
4. Earth work. 
5. Engineering Services. 
6. Environmental Engineering.
7.Project Optimization. 
8. Sustainable Construction

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